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Today's world is a busy place for women, whether you are struggling to find time for self care or, healing from 

betrayal trauma due to your spouse's choices.  It is important to have guidance and a good recovery pathway in order to heal.   

Know that I will be your advocate and you, as we explore pathways to completely heal and find peace.                            

        You are valuable, beautiful and worth it!


Johanna Boman

Johanna L. Boman, 


My heart is for helping women heal in every way.  I hold a Bachelor's degree in the field of Psychology, I am a Nationally Certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach Level 2 as well as an ACE Certified Health Coach .

As an AASAT Partner's Recovery Coach, Intimacy Anorexia Coach and Sexual Recovery Coach, I can   help you navigate your healing and provide you resources, as you are experiencing. true pain.

 Healing is possible and I would love the opportunity to assist you!

Please use my contact page below in order to connect and

 work together toward a renewed and better version of you.

  You are Valuable and you are Worthy!  


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Individual sessions - $75

Recovery group work​ -

$20 per meeting

*All meetings are via Zoom.

*Free: 20 min initial phone call.
*Initial intake session 60 minutes. 
Subsequent sessions are 55 min. 

* Group workshops and seminars are available upon request.


*Please contact me for payment options


What are People Saying About Reach?

"I did a 4 week session with Jo and appreciated the accountability and encouragement provided. I intend  to continue a once-a-month session to maintain my gains and to stay on track.  She excels at:  • Listening  • Asking the right questions to help me identify where I am at in areas of personal, physical, and recovery  health  • Helping me process my goals and identify the best plans to reach them.  • Being good balance between “kind friend” and “motivational trainer”  • Identifying areas of physical need and suggesting possible solutions  • Helping to increase my mindfulness and motivation for complete wellness

• Personal and professional growth" N.K. 

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